How to be the “techy” guy in your peer group.

How to be the “techy” guy in your peer group.

How to be the “techy” guy in your peer group.

That’s right, impress your friends and family with a wealth of information. It’s not what you know but who you know. Yes! That cliche you’ve heard a thousand times but, as we know, in a lot of cases it’s true. Well, the same goes for those techy folks that live in what seems like a mysterious world with superusers of everything, everywhere. Yikes!

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Those folks often stereotyped as socially awkward, introverted basement-dwelling dweebs, have the equivalent network of “who they know” in several forms. The biggest form makes up a lot of our digital history and we’ve all heard of it – the opensource movement It’s hard to truly comprehend the work and dedication that’s freely shared, piggybacked on, improved, and implemented in real-world ways. Powerful tools that run most of our world! As I write this, I am thinking maybe that example was a little much for the tool we are going to talk about next (followed by examples to get you started).

Advanced users and those comfortable using the mouse, Office, and a few drag and drop applications it’s time to revisit Bookmarks! If your bookmarks and bookmark structure is a point of pride that has been nurtured and grown over the past few decades, you get it so skip down to the links and enjoy, comment, and suggest some of your favorites. For the rest, I understand and respect that many casual users are content with the idea of a convenient way of remembering where to go to check this or access that but I want you to think of it a different way (and those that already enjoy the power of this know where I’m heading). Bookmarks can be an incredible tool to build a structured index of tools in the form of urls with labels. I want you to be proud of your collection of links that help to quickly access resources, find information, solve problems, and really improve your productivity. Below are sites that actually make our lives, businesses, and online experience better. I want you to recognize this simple often underappreciated tool. Change the mindset and make it work for you. I want to hear any success stories so, remember, embrace your inner Google and let’s make some great bookmark mangers and show the world that we can do a little indexing ourselves! #feedtheinnergoogle

Be sure to subscribe and book mark this page as we will be adding our favorites periodically and when time permits. We encourage you to share any favorite free tools that you use also.

Pretty neat sites:

learn what's causing your email to get flagged and sent to the spam folder.  This tool helps with DNS settings and other factors to improve email deliverability.

Mail Tester – find out the deliverability of your email marketing so you know if you are likely to be flagged as spam, missing important authentication settings, and even if your domain might need to be checked to ensure it’s not on a blacklist. The tool grades your email from 1-10 and delivers a great report including visual recommendations and techniques to improve your emails.

Check the likelihood of your emails actually making it to the end user and insights to improve your email worthiness score

Sometimes it seems like a need for another paid app, plugin, product, or service comes up at every turn in a project and especially online projects. There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that to do many things correctly and get the desired results, premium products are needed at times. The good news: tons of quality free tools exist and do incredible things like help your emails not land in the spam folder and find the sales data on an item’s Amazon lifetime history.

SMTP, DNS, Configuration

Our systems have been talking to each other long before the IoT was a thing. This includes our mail servers and today they are (rightfully so) a little paranoid that they might not be talking to who they think they are. This has made the email campaign an art and a science to successfully reach the customer. We can help

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