Get Certified. Get Paid. Finding the right Technical Courses to Pursue your passions

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Get Certified. Get Paid.  Finding the right Technical Courses to Pursue your passions

Get Certified. Get Paid. Finding the right Technical Courses to Pursue your passions

How I ended up changing careers at 39 years old

I am writing this guide for a couple reasons. The motivating force behind this idea is to share my journey of leaving a corporate job to pursue my passions. I always loved eCommerce, had strong entrepreneurial tendencies, and disliked the corporate culture game where merit and competency always came second to this mysterious thing. This thing is some innate characteristic beyond the scope of this post but I will add some context below.

When I was busy observing my coworkers, I was thinking about how I could escape this nightmare. I loved small businesses and eCommerce so I started looking for Tech schools and courses. Below are some of the top tech courses, certficiations, and programs that I found

Top Technical Courses in the US

Many top programs are based in the United States but available in every corner of the globe, via online micro degrees and courses. These short-term technical courses teach new skills and offer certification upon completion. This is an excellent way to diversify your skills and explore new opportunities. Here’s are some examples of technical courses available through online platforms and schools for certificate programs:

1. Big Data Engineer Master’s Program

Co-developed with IBM, this data engineer course teaches students a range of skills needed to succeed as a big data engineer. More specifically, students learn the Apache Spark in Python programming language, the MongoDB database app, and Hadoop and Big Data frameworks. 

2. Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course

This gives a geat education in the Hadoop frame work and also prepares students for the Cloudera CCA Spark &Hadoop Developer Exam (CCA175).Offer Expires In

3. Data Scientist Master’s Program

Through this data science course, also co-developed with IBM, students can put their skills to the test through more than 15 real-life projects, plus a capstone project, as a way to offer hands-on industry training.

4. Data Analyst Master’s Program

Students learn analytics from the ground up in this data analytics course, which includes lessons on SQL databases and other data analysis tools. Through the program, also co-created with IBM, students can learn programming languages like Python and R. 

5. Data Science with Python Training Course

Participants learn both data science and analytics in this Python for a data science course, which focuses on the Python programming language. Students can complete data science certification training through this program to advance in their careers.

6. Data Science Certification Training

Similar to Data Science with Python Training, this course focuses on programming but instead teaches the R language. While it can be taken on its own, the training pairs well with the Python course for a more well-rounded experience.

7. Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program

Students can master deep learning in this machine learning course, which was created specifically for those pursuing artificial intelligence, or AI, careers. It also includes lessons in machine learning and various programming languages. 

8. Machine Learning Certification Course

Also ideal for those aspiring to work in AI, this program focuses on machine learning and how specific techniques are used throughout the AI world. 

9. AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course

Participants can get certified as Amazon Web Services, or AWS, architects through this course, which covers essential skills and programs like VPC, EC2, IAM, and EBS. 

10. AWS SysOps Associate Certificate Training

Enrollees can master AWS platform deployment, management, and operations in this program, which is also a prerequisite to the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer exam.

11. AWS Developer Associate Certification Training

This course is ideal for those looking to take the next step in their AWS training. Students learn how to write code, implement and test applications, and use an array of other tools.  Offer Expires In

12. Certified Ethical Hacking Course — CEH (v10)

In this ethical hacking course, students use various methodologies to safeguard networks against hackers by thinking like them.

13. Angular Training Course

Students looking to succeed in front-end web development can learn various Angular concepts in this course, including Pipes, Directives, and TypeScript.  

14. Selenium Training Course

This comprehensive training course helps students master Selenium 3.0. It covers AutoIT, Wait, TestNG, and many other tools and concepts.  

15. Java Certification Training Course

Students will be confident in Java programming language at the completion of this course (also includes certification training prep). Students will learn the fundamentals, advanced techniques like Java EE, and Java 8. 

16. Node.js Training

Want to learn about the three pillars of most common websites? This course is for you and will give educate you down to the most granular level of how a website is made and functions.

17. Salesforce Administrator & App Builder Certification Training

Students learn how to build apps and become top-performing administrators in this course, which also includes hands-on practice with Salesforce Lightning, the company’s latest version. 

18. Salesforce Administrator Certification Training Course

This course focuses entirely on the Salesforce Administrator & App Builder Students will learn how to manage sales and service clouds, as well as troubleshoot user interfaces, and more.

The First Step Is The Hardest

First thing to under stand is this: No matter your level of education and training, you can find a course and get started. In many cases, you can also learn and get the experience remotely. What is great about many high-paying IT jobs is that they can be done remotely. e your career to the next level!

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