GDPR & CCPA Compliance for the EU GDPR’s cookie consent & CCPA’s “Do Not Sell” Opt-Out regulations.

It’s like needing a lawyer or account these days with the data apocalypse, invasive tracking, and unimaginable impact we will live for the rest of our careers. It’s not just simple disclaimers and and only for large businesses which – I would say it is even more important for individual, free-lance and small business because let’s face it, the big players, you know the ones. The tech big box omni-channel retailers, companies that have been helping us virtually connect before #socialdistancing, and a couple others who have created products many of us will not do with out.

Please don’t misinterpret my message. The admiration for these entrepreneurs and inventors (many of which were at the top of their field in their 20’s) have been disrupting business and changing the game for 20 years now. The point is we don’t play by the same rules so let me help you or stay informed to keep compliant , off the blacklists, and in the game because it can be done if we work together.

So if you actually clicked on the new cooking disclaimer and read this, I have a special gift for you. that you can sign up for right here: You will need to include your name (first is fine), a valid email with an active PayPal account (if you are able), and let us know if you would like to know who the winner is going to be which will be announced on our Facebook page!

We think you will like this one and look forward to our visitors who read the fine print and care about their personal data. We solute you!